Yes I know… I’ve been in Berlin for one week… but it’s not my fault if my friends are taking me to French restaurants ! Curious people, let me talk about this tasty tip…

When you come here for the first time, the decoration is is neat, the businessmen sit on small benches and eat pancakes, and then … especially everybody speaks French! So to place the order … so to say that for once I did not sweat from the front!

So, what about those crêpes?

Welcome to Brittany!
On the board, we find a little less than a dozen pancakes of all kinds, all based on buckwheat: the special, Brest, Malo, Veggi, Nemo, etc. all the possibilities to enjoy your lunch !

Total budget for two
Two crepes + 2 small soups = 20 euros
Not cheap for crepes … but if you really miss France (or rather Britain), it may be worth the shot / cost?


Invalidenstrasse 112 und Reinhardstrasse 19
10115 Berlin
Times shown on the facebook page: 07h-18h

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